Review: Venom

  Let’s start with how this is the closest comic to movie Marvel film to date. Last night I was part of a group who got to see an advanced screening of the movie out this Friday, October 5, and I will say that the general consensus was that Sony and Marvel stayed close to … More Review: Venom

Review: KIN

Here’s why you have to go watch KIN this weekend. First, let me start by saying that this is not your typical film and that’s a good thing. The title tells you pretty much what the main plot involves: family. Families come in many different ways and this movie celebrates that. It starts with Eli … More Review: KIN

Review: Gemini

This is the reason why you need to go watch Gemini this week/weekend! From the moment the movie begins you get the feeling that you are indeed in the beachy parts of Los Angeles that hide in plain sight. The palm trees and purple chrome tinge in the film give us a clue that not … More Review: Gemini

Review: The Lobster

This is by far Collin Farrell’s best performance. Filled with a stellar cast this witty and enigmatic film will have your imagination running wild and thirsty for more. In the beginning we meet David played by Farrell and we learn that after his failed marriage he must check himself into The Hotel in order to … More Review: The Lobster