Comfortable Movie Theatres

Movie theaters are a kind of refuge. A refuge where we seek quiet and dark comfort that could place us almost anywhere: A movie. Finding the right movie to watch on a night out with friends seems easy since that can be determined on a variety of factors mostly revolving around dinner.

But what exactly determines what movie theatre you’ll end up choosing? Sure proximity has always been the obvious answer, but in recent years going to the movies has expanded to a lot of other options.

Today, you can pick whether you would like to have dinner while watching your movie a la Studio Movie Grill. You can also choose whether you want your movie going experience to be ultra relax for that there are several theatres that have recliner seats like select AMC Theatre’s and all LOOK Cinema’s, the latter is ultra fancy while still staying true to the typical price you would expect to pay for a movie anywhere else.

But here’s a look at the types of theaters available for your particular interests.

Mainstream Theatres

AMC Theatre: You will find the most recent movies at a variety of time slots both in 2D and 3D. Discounts are available for students and seniors. Select theater’s have recliner seat options. Depending on location some AMC theatre’s will have tickets at cheaper prices for all of their movies at all time slots. Reserve seating is a must. AMC Theatre has an app which not only will allow you to choose your theatre location but also give you the movie critics Rotten Tomato rating available for each film-if you’re the kind of person who follows ratings. The app also lets you know of special offers available at your location as well as purchase tickets (with a convenience fee-eh?). AMC has a membership called AMC Stubs which will cost you at least $12 up front to purchase but with the membership the convenience fee that comes with purchasing tickets online will be waived. The app does let you reserve your seat.

Cinemark Theatre: Cinemark will also be showing the most recent movies at a variety of time slots both in 2D and 3D. Discounts are available for seniors and students; however, student discount is only available on certain days of the week and NOT at all theatre locations. Depending on the theatre location you can find cheaper prices for all of their movies at all time slots. There are also select theatre locations that offer luxury loungers as well. Reserve seating is available at select theatre locations. The Cinemark app has a variety of features including setting your phone to the apps Cinemode which will earn you rewards. If you sign up to the Cinemark newsletter you can often receive coupons for a free drink or popcorn.

Studio Movie Grill: In addition to the most recent movies showing at a variety of time slots like the theaters listed above, Studio Movie Grill also offers special movie series for specific audiences. They have Family Rewind which presents family films from years past at an ultra low price of $3. Their Children’s Summer Series is a variety of recent and past popular children’s films for $1. Other film series they offer are Date Night and Girls Night Out which show films in their respective categories for $3. There is no app available at this time.

LOOK Cinema: This is the theatre has the relax attitude that makes you feel like you’re sitting right in your living room. LOOK Cinema’s offer the most recent movies not a very varied schedule because they offer you 4 different movie experiences:

  • Evolution: huge screens and power recliners
  • Living Rooms: power recliners, or sofas with ottoman
  • The Lofts: Upstairs screens, sofas and full bar (21 and over after 6 pm)
  • Look & Dine: Power recliners, drinks and food of course…

Availability of experience is set at different prices and is not available for all showing films. There is a LOOK Cinema app where you can purchase your movie ticket and reserve your seat. There is no convenience fee for this feature.

Indie Theatres

Alamo Drafthouse: Now if you are one of those people that actually enjoys watching the movie with ABSOLUTELY NO distractions this is the place you should go. Once the movie starts there is no talking, no cell phone of any kind or you get kicked out…seriously. They have drinks and food which is brought out to you. Movies at these theaters will be the most popular with a few retro or indie film choices. Like the name implies they have a large selection of drafts mostly local which is a great way to discover and expand your drinking palette. Now they also have sing-alongs, trivia nights as well as film series. They also have an app available where you can purchase tickets. Their Victory Rewards program is great since it costs nothing and you gain rewards for tickets you purchase, you can get special invitation to Victory Rewards members only special screenings. Pretty cool.

Magnolia Theatre: You will not find the mainstream movies at the Magnolia. But I love it because these theatre is geared towards a specific film lover audience. I have been going to Magnolia for a good while and I’ve noticed it curates the films it shows based on film festival merit, critic reviews and limited release. Sometimes some films shown at the Magnolia will go on to be shown at more mainstream theaters depending on their limited release success. The types of films that you will find here are artsy and independent. The Magnolia has select food items and drinks available; however, the location is next door if not walking distance to other restaurants and eateries.  They regularly show classic films and special events like live performances from the National Theatre Live. A few times a year they host several film festivals as well as regularly  host directors/actors/writers and producers of films showing.

Angelika Film Center: Now the Angelika will have a mixture of mainstream and independent films only a few but that is enough to satisfy anyone’s movie going experience. Also at the Angelika you can find film festivals, performances from Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Ballet and Opera. Select food items and drinks available although there are restaurants and eateries nearby. Seats are typically fairly close to each other which can be a little tough to manage if you’re wearing a large coat, have large elbows or a large enough purse.

Inwood Theatre: Although there are fewer movies showing at this small theatre you can find the most popular movies out in particular family films as well as an alternative independent movie choice for that person in your group. This theatre is popular for its midnight showings as well as for events and giveaways it hosts for big releases. The inside is unique in that you will find decorative couch seating.

So whether you select which theatre you go to based on location. Venture out check out all the other amenities  that other theaters offer. You might be surprised at your experience at that particular theatre.




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