NaNoWriMo End of 3rd Week

  Ha! Thought I wasn’t going to post for week 3 huh? This week was a little more tough than the last two. On Tuesday I started feeling a little off, like I was coming down with something. Needless to say Wednesday and Thursday I stayed in bed as much as I could, I am … More NaNoWriMo End of 3rd Week


Blog Anniversary #3

  Today marks the third anniversary of me starting this blog. Yay! I can’t believe it’s been three years already! I’m so happy I’ve reached this milestone! Mostly this space is dedicated to a combination of things such as books, movies, and writing. I’m so glad a lot of you have found it and continue … More Blog Anniversary #3

Writing with Spotify

  The power of a string of musical notes is immense. Let me explain. Music is a universal language, yes, you’ve probably heard that before and math too. So you won’t be surprised at how much math there is in music. It’s something that as a creative person I don’t like to think about, but … More Writing with Spotify