One chapter a day

At my desk

A couple of days ago I decided to write one chapter a day. Let me be clear that in the almost two years that I have been working on my manuscript I have never written one whole chapter in an entire day. Really! I’ve taken some time in between writing sometimes mid-chapter to think things through. Like really think things through. This usually includes research on craft like how to plant foreshadowing clues, how to avoid run-on sentences (yes, I admit run-ons happen among other grammar things), working on character arcs, what type of flowers grow in cold weather, you know things like that. I also look through my notes, make more notes, do writing exercises and read.

Even though I step away I’ve always come back with a solution for whatever conflict I was trying to solve. Yet sometimes I step away because I want to make more sense of the characters motives and how that’s going to play out throughout this book and possibly others. Gotta think ahead. The longest I have been on chapter hiatus has probably been a month. A good four weeks lets me breathe and mull things over, kind of chill and come back refreshed.

So since I don’t have a deadline I’ve been quite comfortable letting the story breathe and percolate as it pleases. But I really want to push through and work strategically and realistically. Someday I will have a deadline that won’t just be my own. So I proposed sometime last week that if I wrote/edited/revised a chapter a day I would be done in a matter of days with my current draft. Note that I am doing a combination of these or just one for a specific chapter. Has it worked? Yes, it has. I worked on and completed four chapters, of course, there’s life that happens and holidays and such. During the long Labor Day weekend, I focused on organizing the following chapters by rough outlining them. It took two days to do that and then I sort of rested on Monday. Since I took some time to get organized I’m not wondering what to work on on the day of, I just start working on what I’ve already set up for myself.

How do you get organized with your writing? I’m interested to know what works for you!


Using a Planner


 I am a planner addict. There I have said it. I have a drawer filled with as much stationary as you can imagine. Before Target Dollar Spot there was the Dollar Store which ones…ALL of them. Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Joann’s well they were enabling to say the least.

I started using a planner back in high school and since then I have been using one. Over the years planners have evolved there are many different options that can fit any budget. They come in different sizes: pocket (3.5″x6″), compact (4.25″x6.75″), classic (5.5″x8.5″), monarch (8″x11″). As well as in different layouts: daily, weekly, and monthly. There is a planner for everything and everyone: prayer, meal plans, work, academic, moms, athletes, and the everyday folk.

There are so many places to meet your planning needs:

Franklin Planner

Erin Condren



Now, Etsy has a variety of shops that are a dream come true for all planner nerds. Target Dollar Spot always has cute stationary finds for $1-$3.

Last year I used a compact planner which was cozy, it had just enough space to write the necessary. Yet this year I thought I was due for an upgrade from a Franklin white, compact planner  to Franklin Planner’s new collection ‘Planner Love’ the classic–I wanted to have extra room to write amply.

Here’s the why you should plan part of this post.

#1. Take some stress off of your shoulders and write it down.

#2. Lay it out. Simple as that.

#3. Don’t miss out on important dates. Write ’em down.

#4. Personalize it. It will keep you motivated and in check with whatever is happening.

#5. So many possibilities. So. many. Like I said there’s a planner for everything give it a try! It’s a perfect way to start the year.

#6. Staying organized and sane!

#7. Never missing an episode of your favorite real time sorry Hulu.

#8. Never missing a birthday!

#9. Actually being able to use pen and paper.

#10. Decorating it. It’s an art. 🙂