Review: KIN

KIN -Movie poster

Here’s why you have to go watch KIN this weekend. First, let me start by saying that this is not your typical film and that’s a good thing. The title tells you pretty much what the main plot involves: family. Families come in many different ways and this movie celebrates that. It starts with Eli (Myles Truitt) a fourteen-year-old boy, who’s been having a tough time since his mom died. His ex-con brother Jimmy (Jack Reynor) returns home from prison and from there all hell breaks loose. As it would right? Only Eli has been hiding a secret, a weapon he found in an abandoned warehouse. A weapon that does not belong on Earth. The genre of this film is undefined it has young adult sci-fi vibes with tech-noir undertones. It’s dark and gritty it’s the perfect antidote for anyone in search of a palette cleanser this summer. KIN is the type of film that I am so often searching for and you’ll realize that too. It’s got great fresh talented faces and some familiar ones too. The chemistry among the cast really transcends across the screen to the audience. One of the reasons I enjoyed this film is that the story is solid about family. You have a story of a family living on this Earth and all the conflict that can entail in the forefront and then you have in the background the mysterious otherworldly weapon. The story not only focuses on what the main plot is and what you’ll discover along the way until the ending, but it also brings out the complexities of families, the dangers that exist for all of us in this world or another.

Gosh, I hope there is a sequel.

KIN is directed by twin brothers Jonathan and Josh Baker it is out Friday, August 31st


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