It’s June already…almost



Um, it’s already June…almost. Where has the time gone? It actually feels a bit like winter here, the leaves are green, but there’s a disturbing chill in the air. So it doesn’t feel like summer. But I’ve still got my sunscreen, big bowknot straw hat, sunglasses, and iced-tea ready for those heat waves.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about what the first half of the year has brought me and how I see the remaining half. Who says we only have to look at our year’s hopes and dreams once at the beginning of the year? No one.

I started 2019 with a breath of fresh air…I think, and soon got a punch in the gut and then some. I think anyone writing and trying to get their work out there can attest that this path is not the easiest. Finding someone who will believe in your work is tough. It is. Add any or all of the other things that make it more difficult, and you feel like there’s no way you can get to the (insert whatever your heart desires).

But what I’ve learned in my time writing and actually even long before when I was working in a cold lab thinking about writing is that you have to believe in yourself first. You have to be your own champion. You have to be the one to believe in you first.

So the first half of this year was a lot self-reflection on what my journey has been thus far and how I plan to keep moving forward. It led me to think about writing in a new light. In this light, I’m practicing to mute the noise around me, the unnecessary ongoing noise that produces nothing, the negativity that surrounds us and helps no one and so far it feels good. The words flow better. I try to keep track of my writing, deadlines I make up for myself, another kind of practice for when I need it, and it helps to focus on one day at a time. Believe in yourself write the thing, rewrite it, and read it, get feedback, and rewrite again and repeat until it makes sense.

I invite you to try this, try to quiet the noise around you even if it is for a little bit whenever you can.

I’m welcoming all good things and vibes the remainder of the year and always.





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