NaNoWriMo End of 3rd Week


Teal Autumn Leaves Facebook Cover-2

Ha! Thought I wasn’t going to post for week 3 huh? This week was a little more tough than the last two. On Tuesday I started feeling a little off, like I was coming down with something. Needless to say Wednesday and Thursday I stayed in bed as much as I could, I am a working bee and found tiny ways to still work very remotely from bed. Friday, I caught up with my projects and Saturday with Thanksgiving preparations.

But NaNo wise, I got a good round of sprints complete thanks to my sprint buddies!

Again I didn’t have a very high word count, I just wanted to start. So with one week left I’d say I’ve made a lot of progress on that teeny project.

Up next, more revisions and editing hopefully. Lots of reading of course, I have a couple of posts already planned for the holidays that I hope you guys enjoy.

No matter where you are in your NaNo journey, heck even if you’ve already checked out you still did a thing and that’s what counts. You can figure the rest out later.

I’m going to go work on this manuscript now!



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