NaNoWriMo End of 1st Week


NaNoWriMo 2019

Helloooo. The first week of NaNo 2019 has ended. How did you do? Or rather what did you do? For me this year I decided to take a very low-key approach. Yes, I’m a NaNo rebel this year meaning someone who doesn’t follow the rules during the month of November. I’ve participated a few years now and each time I take part in a NaNo related event I learn something new about my writing process. So I’m not writing 50,000 in a month because this project doesn’t require it. I’m taking the momentum and excitement of this month to start this new project slowly.

Now I know there’s been a lot of talk lately about word count and what have you. Yes one should not focus so much on word goals because it can take away from your creative moment BUT word goals can keep you motivated and do mark your progress on your specific project. So…I track my word goals but don’t make a big deal about them because who knows if those words will end up staying after I revise, right?

What matters is that you’re making progress however that looks for you and your project.

So I have the lowest daily word count and I know that by NaNo terms I’ve already lost BUT that’s the way I intended to start. Low-key a few words at a time.

So if your first week hasn’t been great or it’s been awesome and you fear you’ll fall behind know that you started and that’s already something to celebrate.





2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo End of 1st Week

  1. When I first started doing NaNoWriMo it didn’t take me long to realize that a 50k words goal doesn’t work for me. I’d be on a roll then get bogged down in the middle, lose steam and start freaking out. What I’ve done since then was commit to 30k words, taking it slow and steady as I focus on the middle first and write outwards. If I write more than 30k words then it’s all good. If I don’t, so be it. But at least I’ll have something written.


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