Writing with Spotify

Writing With Spotify


The power of a string of musical notes is immense. Let me explain.

Music is a universal language, yes, you’ve probably heard that before and math too. So you won’t be surprised at how much math there is in music. It’s something that as a creative person I don’t like to think about, but it’s there hiding under the surface. It’s a combination of beats, sound, coordination, lyrics, all put together to spark a feeling, an opinion—a notion of ‘hey I like this,’ or ‘mmm not for me.’ It’s what makes us press the skip button or the thumbs up, or add to playlist.

How do we know we like a song if we’ve never heard it until that moment? Or you have listened to it, and you don’t like it. How do we know those nearly trivial things about ourselves? Memories. Personality. Interests. Emotion. Feeling. Music is so much about storytelling whether there are lyrics or not every song tells a story.

Music is so much about what and how we feel about something. Next time you listen try to be present with the music. What instruments do you hear? What is being said? How is it being said? How does it make you feel?

Now combining these into making a super awesome playlist to get pumped about writing in general or curate it in a way that you are motivated to write more and more it’s all in the feeling. I love discovering new music, artists and lyrics. Give it a try.

Also not an ad or sponsored by Spotify. I just use a lot. 🙂


X Rosario


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