When the ideas keep rolling but your hand is not moving…

So let’s talk about the not writing part of writing. Yes, I know that makes little sense to the normal folk, but to the writer folk, you know what I’m talking about. It goes like this: you are writing a story, you’re almost halfway through this story and then suddenly you are rolling in a mountain of so much DUNG because you actually have ideas to write, but don’t know which to go with or how to even encapsulate that into actual words. You know? Yup. That is where I am right this second. I remember writing a post where I experienced something similar for  Chapter 10 . You might be wondering ‘well, why don’t you do what you did back then so you can get over it and write’ thing is I already did so my next approach is to (drumroll) break it down and write it down. I think I’ve been inside the box too long obsessing about the box and its pretty corners that I need to take a step back and look from the outside in.

It’s like I tell my students if you have a math problem that you can’t figure out take a step back and break it down to find the answer.

I’ll post an update to let you know.


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