So long December (writing updates)

December is nearly gone! November, I can’t even remember it flew by me so quickly. I participated in NaNoWriMo as I have been doing in the last two years and I WON this year. Finally. So what was it? I finished a rough first draft of short stories that would be a companion to my … More So long December (writing updates)


On Rewriting

We’ve all been there, seriously. Writing folk and nonwriting folk included. We’ve all at some point had to rewrite something. Just think about all those texts that you had to backspace on because your first draft was well–rough or didn’t communicate what you wanted to say. Now imagine 400 pages of that. Yup. As I … More On Rewriting

The First Draft

I finished!! Hooray! I thought you guys should know that I finished my first draft last Sunday night. Ha! I have been basking on glorious ‘OMG I’m done–for now at least’ glory for a few days now and it feels so good! I am proud of what I’ve written and ready to take it to … More The First Draft