Persist on and write until the end

When you find that no one else cares about it remember this: you care. You caring is the most important thing that truly matters. Even when caring makes sense to you and to you alone that is okay. Even when no one believes in you remember this: you care, you believe in yourself, AND you can do it. Persist. Always persist. I haven’t finished my manuscript yet and I know that these words will be important to remember then so much as they are now.

It has almost been a year since I began this journey. For me it wasn’t so much a career change it was more of a career awakening. But that is a story for another day. I’ll share it someday when I finally get published because I think it’s important for us writers to share how our craft came to be and the obstacles/experiences we had to encounter in order to achieve our goals and dreams. Since then I have learned so much about myself. I have read books that had been on my ‘to read list’ since a few years ago. I have burst with the love for literature and writing that has been cooped up inside of me for years. But it hasn’t been easy. People don’t or won’t understand why you’re doing the things that you do for many reasons. And even when they say they understand, you’ll find that they don’t. You’ll find that they may never truly understand because it isn’t their world or they’re just dismissive of what brings happiness to others or have sadly put you inside a box made up of all the things that you are and ‘writer’ according to them isn’t one of them. But be brave and carry on with your writing.

Care enough to write your story, care enough to write when you can’t seem to find the time, care enough even when no one else supports you, care enough to persist. Persist on through and even thereafter.



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