A Writer’s Notebook

I have a notebook where I keep all the notes for the story I’m writing which is as of now still untitled. Anyways, this notebook has helped me to basically keep it together.

From character analysis, backstory, scenes I’m going to write, character profiles, character playlist, outlines, timelines among other types of notes related to the story. Having a writer’s notebook has contributed to not only keeping ideas together by providing a space to flesh them out and do a run-through. Making it easier to piece together information that I already have as well as the new information that develops as I write.


I understand why some writers avoid writing bits of their story or ideas on a notebook like the plague–you know who you are! There’s contradiction with keeping a notebook or making an outline. It’s said to interfere with creativity and true believers will say that creativity cannot be planned. True words in more ways than one, but if one didn’t plan out or set deadlines for anything then perhaps that project would not be finished or completed to its fullest potential. Perhaps, although there are exceptions to every and any thing. Do as you please because that’s what will work for you.

The existence  of a notebook doesn’t mean you have to throughly rely on it if you don’t want to. I for one seem to hold it dear and close to my lap whenever I am writing. Even though I know where the story is going and everything about its characters it gives me comfort. Don’t judge. Plus imagine how less of a headache it is to find information you’ve deemed important without having to rummage through drawers of scribbled paper and notes on napkins. I’ll say that may be that could give you more of an edge no matter the mess or the ineligible napkin scribble.

What works for you? How do you keep your story notes if any in order?


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