Writing Life Outside of Fiction

Hello again! It’s been a few sleeps since I’ve written a post. The last couple of weeks have gone by so fast I can’t believe September is upon us already. Since my last post I’ve taken a couple of writing classes online, read an amazing some amazing books and learned a lot about my writing. … More Writing Life Outside of Fiction


The First Draft

I finished!! Hooray! I thought you guys should know that I finished my first draft last Sunday night. Ha! I have been basking on glorious ‘OMG I’m done–for now at least’ glory for a few days now and it feels so good! I am proud of what I’ve written and ready to take it to … More The First Draft

Chapter One

Chapter one is both the hardest and the easiest to write thus far. In the past several months I have written my ideas on this particular story using different approaches and techniques. I tried writing as inspiration sparked in the middle of the day, in the shower, you name it. I even tried writing out … More Chapter One

A Writer’s Notebook

I have a notebook where I keep all the notes for the story I’m writing which is as of now still untitled. Anyways, this notebook has helped me to basically keep it together. From character analysis, backstory, scenes I’m going to write, character profiles, character playlist, outlines, timelines among other types of notes related to … More A Writer’s Notebook