To Outline or Not To Outline.

Many a writer will tell you that they do not outline their novels. That is a lie. From the beginning I have looked up to several writers, but particularly two. One is a fellow young adult writer whom although I don’t know personally, has influenced me to keep going, keep writing. I’ve read her work since near the beginning. She outlines. Now the other writer does not outline. Let me tell you that as I am writing I have realized that having an outline IS necessary. The way I see it it’s necessary to outline your novel because you need a map to guide you. Granted you are the creator of ALL in this world you’re building, this world that is constantly developing and thus changing as it grows on the page.

It doesn’t have to be a long one if you don’t want to. Don’t dread it. Just do it. I didn’t think twice about it. I began by making a list of chapters and writing what will happen in each chapter. Now if you want to go into more details as you connect characters, places, and other story information you can do that!

Make an outline.

Be kind to your writing brain and help it keep track of your story. You can always change your outline as your story develops.


One thought on “To Outline or Not To Outline.

  1. Hi! I’m also writing a YA novel (fantasy). I do agree that an outline, any outline, can be incredibly useful. However, I think it’s important to note that not all writers think that way. For a while, I didn’t use outlines. My fantasy novel was not outlined AT ALL when I first started writing, and although it might have taken fewer drafts had I outlined, it is still going rather well. Some people rely on the creativity that comes from not where you’re going. If that’s what works, that’s what works, although I would suggest for any writer to try out both using an outline and not using one, just to see what works for them. 🙂


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