Attraction of the Gilmore Girls

Photo: Netflix

Have you heard? Our beloved Gilmore Girls will be back this fall most likely in November. If you have no idea what a Gilmore Girl is I suggest you find out…like right now! I assure you that if you haven’t already heard it was THE show of the early 2000s.

Back then I was in the 5th grade of my small school and I unlike many my age passed the time just like Rory Gilmore: I read, I read and wrote, I wrote and read. Good times. Nowadays, after a long journey searching for what was right in front of me all along. I write. I write and read, I read and write. Maybe it was the Rory phantom that subconsciously inspired me to be a writer. Maybe. Although I think I was already there by the time the show aired. But that’s a post for another day.

In the beginning it was clear that the two main characters, a mother-daughter duo, were both inseparable as well as rightfully so very different in many ways. Their differences created dynamic complexities in both their development as characters in a story which only highlighted their likeness to each other. The ins and outs of their characters resonated in audiences because they had choices. Having a choice is a powerful thing, for anyone, you don’t need to be a Gilmore.

But back then in the fall of 2000 having a voice and making a choice was our biggest concern and aspiration. We were done with the whole Y2K scare, I remember packing a small backpack with my nearest and dearest possessions, yet I shudder to think that now under different circumstances living in a post-apocalyptic world is quite possible. Growing up Gilmore, I think gave my generation, generation Y, a little something to dream of. A little more than dreaming of living comfortably in a cute and small town where your neighbors are actually neighborly. The ability to think that our mom could also be our friend and that our relationship especially with our family is not the one we imagine it to be because of our ancestry but the one we make of it from our love and experiences we share.

Growing up Gilmore gave us the ability to set our minds to plan and achieve our goals. A la Buzzlightyear : “Reach for the sky”. We should be reaching for the sky. We should be doing something that we are yearning. Watching the show again (hey I gots to refresh for the Netflix revival) and introducing it to my youngest niece, the eldest falling completely in love with it, has reminded me of the things our society lost since the show aired and since it ended. Think about all the events that have happened, the inventions and discoveries, the turmoil and the peaceful worldly news between 2000-2007 and 2007-2016, that’s a lot. As the years went by our voices got louder and people are listening. Year by year each graduating class of high school or college is getting smarter, faster and stronger one can only wonder how many of us watched and noted the Gilmore way.


Stay Netflixed.


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