Apps You’ll Actually Use

How many apps are on your phone right now? Wait, what’s that you don’t know? Now how many of those apps would you say actually do something for you? Still don’t know? I thought so. Well fear not because I have compiled a short list of a few apps that have proven to be useful. I use them and I surveyed about all the people in my contact list and determined that we indeed pretty much use –here and there–the same apps. Apps below verified!

Spotify: Music. Music is your life, never underestimate the power of a great playlist!

Wunderlist: Exactly what it sounds like. With this app you can make a to-do list of any kind. You can check off items off your list and you can also share the list with others (the other person does need to have the app too). There is a desktop app too.

Evernote: Organize your notes, you can create notebooks, make lists, set reminders, take and save photos. Basically organize your entire life with this app. You can also use the desktop app which takes Evernote to a whole other level.

Parcel: Keep track of packages you are receiving and sending out! This app will give you updates as well as a view as to the journey your packages take to get to you or away from you!

Yummly: Hungry, hungry, feed me! Whether you’re a beginner cook or a Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen this app will save your life! It’s packed with recipes for every occasion, any kind of diet, and cuisine!

Yelp: Out on the town need a place to stuff your face? Yelp it, the reviews have save me and my friends from a bad experience.

Flixter: Movie trailers, movie reviews! We swear on this because there’s nothing like watching a bad movie and paying good money for it. Yikes!




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