The Age of Coffee in Dallas

I can’t remember when was the last time I DIDN’T have coffee. Coffee is a part of life for the majority of us. As in having it as soon as you can in the morning, midday, end of day, evening, and as you tackle some late night work. I have been drinking coffee for a long while now and have seen the evolution of it grow into a serious business and addiction.



I am your typical coffee drinker. Some would call me a coffee ‘snob’, but I don’t care. Coffee can get you through some difficult times-like give you that last push to write your paper. As well as powered up and vigilant when you need it the most.

In the last five years Dallas has seen and experienced coffee in new and exciting discreet ways. Starbucks has gone mainstream by populating every other corner across the city. But look closer and you will see the smaller local coffee spots that would appear to have been there forever. Look closer and the walk into those newly discovered places and you’ll smell the fresh coffee beans and dairy being poured. The simplest of the coffees at these places is the ultimate test. One cup of the least complex will be the test of time for how long it’ll take you to finish it to how long the place could remain open. You know the revolution of coffee in a place as big and specifically as small as Dallas is that there will always be the next big thing. The next big thing was not Starbucks although it progressed and eventually reached that potential, it was coffee itself. Coffee is served everywhere now at all hours of the day. It has served the test of time as it has in other cities and countries where coffee is part of their lifestyle dating back decades.

Take a closer look and check out the probably ‘been there’ for years coffee place.


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