NaNoWriMo End of 4th Week

Teal Autumn Leaves Facebook Cover-3

And it’s over. Tally up your word counts and gather your notes because officially November is over. But that doesn’t mean you’re done just done for now. Rest have a coffee or a nice glass of wine and don’t read what you wrote. Wait. I implore you to just chill and go do something else that’s not writing. Don’t have hobbies—get one—now is the time. I mean you can do what you want ultimately no one is there to stop you BUT it would be wise to just step away. Give your story some breathing room. One day I’ll talk about the major breathing room I gave my story and…yeah, that’s a story for when I’m published.

This is a reminder that first drafts/zero drafts whatever you’re calling this are not good and that’s fine. Breathe. You wrote it and it exists on a page/Word document.

Literally take a holiday from your story.

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