Word Counts and Stuff

Word counts count! However, the most important thing is to write every day. I know, I know that alone seems like the hardest but write down something at least one word and you will feel better. At first, the most difficult part of writing is to actually sit down and write. You’re always finding excuses to do something else. It’s not even about NOT wanting to write it’s about ‘clearing’ your day up so you have MORE time to write. Next thing you know you have finished doing all these things and have done zero writing!!      The following day–repeat!

That’s how  I found that having a word count matters.

You can set it to be whatever you want it to be. Work at your own pace. Don’t let the rush of wanting to finish wear you down. Breathe. Write. Let the words come to you because they will eventually. Step by step, day by day think about the word count in terms of the story and where you are in the story. When you find a time during the day, mornings work best for me except when they don’t then late afternoons are fine too, focus and write.

Keep your mind on your writing and momentarily ‘forget’ that you have a word count. I noticed that whenever I kept eyeing the word count I would in a way be more focused on it than I should have been. So what did I do? I went back to the beginning, read my notes, read the previous pages I had written and that got me asking questions about what was going to happen next not just storywise but also other parts of the story such as character development and world-building. Once I directed my focus in that direction the words just flowed…many words…lots. I surpassed the word count and didn’t notice that until I was finished with that chapter.

Questions you could ask are:

  1. What’s happening in this scene?
  2. Describe the surroundings. Thought, 5 senses, emotion…
  3. What needs to happen next?
  4. Who or what does this affect?
  5. How will this be communicated to my characters in this scene?
  6. How will this be communicated to other characters?
  7. Where does this scene lead in the main storyline?

Ta-da word count!



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