Review: Gemini

This is the reason why you need to go watch Gemini this week/weekend! From the moment the movie begins you get the feeling that you are indeed in the beachy parts of Los Angeles that hide in plain sight. The palm trees and purple chrome tinge in the film give us a clue that not … More Review: Gemini

Scaffolding your story

It’s five o’clock in the morning and already I’m sitting at my desk, drinking my almond-cinammon cappuccino that I’ve learned to master myself ready for another day of work. Days have passed since this story was just an idea–something that I told myself that someday I would write. Fast forward a couple of months and … More Scaffolding your story

On Rewriting

We’ve all been there, seriously. Writing folk and nonwriting folk included. We’ve all at some point had to rewrite something. Just think about all those texts that you had to backspace on because your first draft was well–rough or didn’t communicate what you wanted to say. Now imagine 400 pages of that. Yup. As I … More On Rewriting

North Texas SCBWI

Y’all I went to my very first writing conference about two weeks ago and it was AWESOME! For a while now I had been reading on author blogs that mentioned going to a writing conference was important and at times a necessity for the craft. I can definitely agree for sure. Over a year ago … More North Texas SCBWI