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I have a confession to make: I’m a planner…well sort of…I use a planner a lot. I probably started using since high school ‘officially’ although I remember writing things down in a plain notebook long before then. Keeping track of important dates, appointments, things that need to be done doesn’t excite me as much as it would if I were a full blooded type A person. No, I’m a quasi A/B which is in my opinion the best of both worlds. What is exciting and I’m super extra about is decorating my planner. I mean if you’re going to make a consice list of stuff that you need to do might as well make it look nice–extra nice sometimes.

For my writing planner, I use an 8 in. x 5 in. bullet journal, and I try to keep it to the point. There’s not enough space to write too much which is great because I can easily avoid packing my days with too many things. So each day my tasks are set to whatever fits on the line I have for that day.

The fun part is of course decorating the pages with colorful pens, washi tape and stickers.

My favorite writing stickers are from an Etsy store called PlotYourWork . You can find word count stickers, there’s an editing and revision set, as well writing sprint and blogging stickers too. CJ, the owner has a variety of bookish things like writing planners, traveler’s notebooks, and planner charms. All is handmade and very cute!


I’ve been using these stickers to track my progress in my planner.

Check out PlotYourWork


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