Word count will you meet me halfway?

july camp nanowrimo 2019-2

Do word counts matter? I’ve been going back and forth on this because one I think it’s important to keep a steady work flow everyday so that it builds up and doesn’t cause as much stress. This is where word counts and writing ‘every day’ come into the picture. BUT I’m also a firm believer that if you feel tired, overwhelmed and just *pff* don’t want to write then you shouldn’t force it. Take a break. Breaks are important. So here is where word counts don’t matter. Life is always changing and unpredictable. Be flexible. I should be writing right now, but I’m writing this post instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s the middle of the month and the July Camp NaNoWriMo is in full swing. People in my cabin have already started changing their word count to a more realistic goal considering we have 15 days left and some are forgetting to check in–it happens. It’s okay. The point is to start, even if you think you won’t finish. Okay, so you won’t finish by that specific date, you can still write after that. Your commitment is to the story and you should write it. No one is going to turn into a pumpkin if you don’t finish by the end of the month!!!

That being said, I have and outline and 15,ooo words and maybe I won’t finish. I’m being hopeful. Really, really hopeful. Will I finish? Stay tuned for my end of the month wrap up.

Tell me how’s your writing project going? Are you a part of any writing initiative? What are you writing this summer?


2 thoughts on “Word count will you meet me halfway?

    1. We can do it! Or as much as we can, Camp NaNo is great to pick up and make some sort of progress. Never forget progress is progress no matter the word count!


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