WriteOnCon 2019


Have you ever gone to a conference and wondered ‘what if I could just do this from home?’ haha

Well, there is one conference where it IS possible to attend without leaving home and thus stay in your pajamas! My favorite.

I attended last year, and it was amazing! I learned so much! So much you guys. 🙂

The conference is massive! There are multiple events happening at every hour of the day or at least from the early morning to late evening. So many, so many awesome people from publishing–agents, authors, and editors. Topics range from Story Structure, How to Write a Synopsis, How to Set Up an Author Website, Suspense and Tension. There are panels on Worldbuilding, Author Agent Relationship, Pacing and many more.

WriteOnCon 2019 is happening Friday, February 08–Sunday, February 10

There’s still time to register!

I will be in attendance from my living room couch.

Let me know if you’ll be attending.


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