Writing on the hard days


It’s no lie that writing is, in fact, a lonely profession. Most of the time you’re alone writing or thinking about writing or researching something you’re going to write. You spend a lot of time inside your head, churching over information that might make it to your work in progress. You spend time shuffling other projects and life around so that you are able to write this project of yours. And then in the dark of night just before you go to sleep you start wondering what if this never happens. So now you can’t sleep and all you can think about is how much you suck. I wanted to take some time to write this post because this topic deserves to be talked about: the dark days we have as writers. It’s not about being depressed although sometimes it is, it’s not about being anxious although most of the time it is. It’s about this negative thinking that lurks in the back of your mind and shakes you whenever it can with its foulness.

I went down that dark path. For a short couple of days that seemed like forever, I almost believed it. I almost believed that I was a fraud and that I should get back to whatever it was I did before. I struggled every day with it but a part of me knew I was wrong. So this ‘rut’ as I’m going to call it plagued me over the last month. It was hard to move past, and while it was hard to write, I still wrote–that part of me not wanting to just give up and let it go pulled through.

Today is the first day that I’m back with full force in awhile. I do think it had somewhat to do with that ACT II struggle I had back in March. Ugh. But I’ll have you know that while it was hard and I totally felt defeated. I got through it. And if you’re reading this and have felt this way, you can too. I hope to tell you guys once this book is published the story behind the ACT II revelation that made everything click.

But for now, know that you can do this.





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