Time AND Superpowers

Ever wish that you could go back in time? It wouldn’t matter if you go back with the intention of changing something or just to relive a moment of the past because you just have that ability and you can come and go as you please. I’ve been thinking a lot about that particular question. What would I change first? Because believe me there are so many things I wish I could go back and change. One of those things would be to visit my grandparents one last time before they passed. Another would have been to ignore what other people said about what they thought I should be and just be whom I wanted to. Maybe if by some trickery I could go back and not be a type 1 diabetic that would be great. If I could save all the pets that have passed–all the stray cats I’ve fed and who’ve wandered off to their secret lives. If superpowers existed I think that would be mine. Who needs to be invisible when all you want is to be seen? Who needs to heal when you are immortal? Mmmm…

I think I am getting to that part in life when the rose-colored glasses are beginning to fade and I see things far more for what they are rather than what I wish they could be. Not that it’s a bad thing, I am still a positive person. I  do still hope for the best and list the positive in situations, yet I think the greatest lesson I have learned so far is to value the time that we have now because we might be too busy or what have you the next time.

Writing this story I’ve had to face things like writing off a character for the sake of the story, but then I think about the feelings behind my writing and well it gets real. I think JK Rowling has been pretty open about this while she wrote the Potter series.



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