Summer Staycation

Did you forget to plan for this summer’s vacation? Welcome to the club! Whether you just started a new job and haven’t accrued enough vacation hours, or whether you’ve already spent all of your vacation hours here’s the deal: You CAN still have a vacation! Right where you are a couple of weekends at a time.

Check out:

Dallas Museum of Art 

Discovery Gardens at Fair Park – There’s also a lot of museums at this location

Something to try if you have little ones is to set up a large fort in the living room or outdoors if you can. Some of the fondest childhood memories I have are from the many forts set up in my parents living room.

Needless to say…Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Sling explore new viewing options or revisit old ones. Gilmore Girls?

You can also pick a theme for movie watching. I find that this is the best way to watch movies that you may not have had the opportunity to watch the first time around.

Check out Groupon for discounts on ANYTHING your heart desires. This is a great way to check out that yoga studio, a new desert place, check out a new restaurant. Make it an outing with family or friends…why not both.

Plan a romantic time for a couple of days. Get a basket from whichever store and fill it with   snack foods that you’ll both enjoy, a movie, popcorn, a bottle of wine, some fruit and chocolate. Simple because the focus should be on spending time relaxing. That is the point of a staycation, you know.





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