Giving yourself permission to write

Permission to write

It starts with an excuse. You wait, and it grows into several more. Until you’re ‘okay’ with not getting back to your story or that particular project and so you carry on. It’s not writer’s block. You’re sure because the ideas are there, you’re writing other things, maybe even some notes on the world you want to return to, but you’re just not writing. For one reason or another whatever that is you’re not sure. Why are you not going back? What’s the holdup?

You’re nervous about the simple act of sitting in front of your computer. Thinking of a blank page is making you nervous rather than excited to delve into a new world or new project. It’s not so much about not knowing all parts of the story. You know the story, you know there are parts still to discover, and you’re okay with that. No matter how much you prepare, you’re not going to know everything. And yet, nothing.

The story flows in your head, there are points too important urging you to write. You know these characters even though they’re not on the page. Yet. Why haven’t you?

You don’t have anyone to ask you whether it’s done. There’s no one but you and that blank page.

Don’t let it be blank for too long. Don’t get discouraged. Transfer what you know about this particular start onto the page. It can be as simple as one word that reminds you of this moment you wish to write.

Then the words will be there just like they’ve always been. At last, you’ve given yourself permission to write.

While it may sound like *this* isn’t you working on a part of your story/project because you’re not physically writing. It is. It’s part of your process. It’s what is needed to rest, to think, to simply let go of this ‘nonstart.’ Keep returning. Keep exploring this part of the process.



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