A Writer’s Care Package

Hello there *waves from couch*. It’s that time of year you guys, the holidays are practically here. I can’t believe November is almost over if you’re doing NaNoWriMo week 3 is about to start and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Oh my! The days start to run together and you’re trying to do all the things. We jam our schedules so much with this thing and that thing. But don’t forget why you write.

No matter where you are writing from just remember even just a smidge of time writing or thinking about xyz plot line or character arcs will be time well spent among all the craziness that comes with the holiday rush. Whether you’re doing NaNo week 3 or working steadily at your own pace this too will pass. There’s a whole other world out there that IS necessary for your creativity.

So here’s a little virtual writer’s care package from me to you.

Variety: Fun writer-ly things like washi tape to label binders and folders, sticky notes to keep track of stuff, pencil bag with your favorite pens (I have a favorite pen but I don’t believe it gives me any *magical* writing powers), tea bags, a soy scented candle (that one is coffee+vanilla+orange), warm socks (mine have a corgi with glasses), a book or Kindle (pictured in book sleeve), A card with a motivational quote, warm gloves, a thumb splint (no one ever tells you that you WILL have some sort of thumb/wrist/hand soreness from suddenly writing too much), a hand roller massager thing which doesn’t need an explanation lol, rolls of film or your own version of a hobby that is not reading/writing), and licorice which I like a lot!


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