Review: Liz Keel’s Enlightenment (The Driel Trilogy, Book 1)



       Delve into the world of Faey where along with Thea you will discover a new world she never knew existed. Enlightenment is a story that has something to offer to everyone. Like Thea who at the age of sixteen and in a blink of an eye her whole world changes the story has a quick to think pace that very much mimics our own adolescence. Thea must decide if those that are with her are there willingly or for their own advantage. Her experience and awareness reminds us that not all is what it seems. Keel brings a warm depiction of nature and imagination to the world she’s created for Thea. Fully captures how nature is a big part of who Thea is and where she is from. What  would you do if your life was out of your control and you were suddenly responsible for carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Being able to relate to the characters even if they live in a different realm is highly important to a reader and Liz Keel accomplishes it in Enlightenment. You will be rooting for Thea as she learns about Faey and its people. You will be surprised at the twists that surface between one of the most important people in Thea’s life and one that she’s only just met. All throughout you will sense the responsibility that Thea possesses as well as the inner strength she harnesses to face those who’ve harmed her the most. The story will pull you in and give you a new take on fantasy world: Elves!!


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