Book Review: The Burden Of The Protector -S.C. Eston



            In a place where boundaries are not meant to be broken Dar pushes through obstacles only to find himself in a journey to survive. His friendships are tested but will he do the right thing or will he let his prohibited discoveries overcome his need to fight for what is true and right. In his premiere novella S.C. Eston takes us to a land where the ever vigilant high power Sy’ll spreads subconscious fear and oppression. Dar is a knight, a protector of the land when he makes a discovery it will not only threaten and challenge the Sy’ll, but his desire to protect his family and his own life. If you enjoy reading about quests and discoveries you will enjoy this story. Dar’s journey is reminiscent of challenges we encounter when we encounter unexpected situations that force us to make decisions we would not make otherwise. Decisions that haunt us and take time to fully have an effect on our lives only to realize that waiting had the greatest impact. I submerged myself right into the story and navigated along with the characters reaching the end too quickly. It’s a captivating story of a life’s journey that transfers the characters emotion right to the reader. 

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