2020 and beyond πŸš€

2020 and beyond


Hello January,

Excuse my brief hiatus. But I’ve been working on my book. β˜ΊοΈ

The holidays were great, so many leftovers I didn’t cook for a week AND a half. Yay. But also it gave me some time to focus more on my work without interruption.

Last January, I mentioned I wanted 2019 to be a year of positivity.  And yes, 2019 was very kind to me, but it was also quite rough both personally and professionally.

This year has already started to show some sharp edges, but what would life be like if it was always pleasant?

So I’ve been focusing on the things that I can control rather than the ones that I cannot.

Still writing. Still reading  *books galore*. πŸ“š

Twenty-twenty here we go!



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