Book of the Month

Book of the Month2

*This post has been updated to reflect BotM’s updated referral program

I received a BOTM as a gift from a friend and loved it!! Every month before the month is over you receive an email letting you know there are five books available for you to choose from for the following month. The books selected are upcoming books for the month so it’s always something new and exciting. Out of those five books, you pick one you’ll read for the month. Whenever I’m looking at books to read, whether at the bookstore or online I ALWAYS get distracted, who wouldn’t right? I mean, books! So that’s one of the things that I really like about BOTM selection is varies every month from thrillers, suspense, historical romance, contemporary fiction, memoirs, so far I haven’t been disappointed.

I don’t often get hardcover books so this is really nice on that end. It’s a subscription box so keep that in mind, however, the price is less than other book subscription boxes. There’s a month to month option or an annual option and you can skip months or cancel anytime.

They have a referral program…eep so if you’d like to try Book of the Month make sure to use my referral link. Here it is so you can share it too.  😉(

You get your first month for $5 when you sign up with my referral link. In return when you sign up using my referral link I also get a book credit. Yay!

Please help support my book consumption.  Gracias in advance!😅


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