Text to Speech an Editing Tool​


 T E X T    T O    S P E E C H

Did you know you can activate text to speech on your computer? Yes. It is possible.

I only know how to do this on a Mac, but I’m almost positive you can also do it on a PC.

You will need to go to System Preferences –>Accessibility–> (scroll down to) Speech

and voila! You’ve reached the menu where you can select a voice and set the speaking rate.

After reading through my manuscript several times over myself, I began to research new ways to approach editing before anyone else sees it. A lot of people suggested a text to speech software that’s a little expensive but apparently works very well. But others suggested tools that are free and already available on your computer. So, of course, I like that idea better.

My process is to print (front and back) the entire thing. Then while I listen I follow along on my paper copy and mark the parts that need work, what needs to go, what is needed and any sentences that might be too long.

This process has changed the way I approach editing and revising because it allows for my brain to focus on how the words sound, what is being said, what is not being said, what needs to be said, what information is missing if any. I can hear the words I’ve written without having to be the one reading them. It gives me a new perspective on my own work. I noticed that I am able to make more concrete decisions about changes when I’m not the one reading it. Totally recommend this method. Yes, it will take a chapter or two to get used to the voice but it’s worth it.

There are apps and software that do the same thing perhaps with fancier voices, but you have this tool available on your computer why not use it, right?


Let me know if you found this helpful!


x Rosario


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